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The links on these pages are for friends of mine without whom I would never have gotten to where I am today.  You can find links to some of my favorite links for writing advice, networking, business and craft at “Writer Resources.”  This page is dedicated to the pages of individual friends (some writers, others not), businesses, music, and other sources of inspiration and support in my life.  Help me share the gift they’ve given me by supporting them!


Inside many women there is a little girl who grew up treasuring Black Beauty or The Black Stallion.  I’ve loved horses all my life and this passion lead me to my first big by-line in an article reviewing their work.  I also write grants and am the current chair of public relations for Bay State Equine Rescue.

This is an excellent horse rescue network that works hard to find homes all over New England for horses in need and to educate the public about the welfare of equines.

Rabbits are very special to me.  Miss Rhetta, my first rabbit, was a rescue and inspired more stories than I’ve written yet.  Before I could take her home, though, I was told I had to memorize this site; I’ve been a supporting member for 10 years now.

Helping kids and helping horses .... two things I am all for!


The Holistic Healing Center at Generations
CP Webwolf
You wouldn’t be looking at this webpage without this wonderful woman who’s been an inspiration, advisor and cheerleader for years!  Thank you, Del, Generations & WebWolf!

Mane Impressions Digital Photography
Reneé is a fabulous photographer and has accompanied me on several articles.  She also runs photo card fundraisers for equine rescues and does pet, nature, and equine photography.  Also, check out the beautiful stained glass works by her partner (in more than crime), Sean. 

Dan’s been a close friend since college. 
The music he composes is unique and beautiful, hinting at the person “Behind the Face.” 

Perhaps the band that has had the most influence on my writing life: my favorite band, ever.  Positive, dark music – the perfect paradox.  Not only that, but all of the band-members are some of the sweetest people I’ve had the honor to meet.

 Kelly A. Harmon used to write truthful, honest stories about important and famous people. Now she writes lies, which is infinitely more satisfying but lacks the convenience of doorstop delivery, especially on rainy days. She also was great to stay with during Balticon.  :)

Fairy Spa
Two friends, fabulous product, fantastic label, naturally made, local business… need I say more why I love these guys?

A musician, writer, producer, animator, businessman and artist, Voltaire is right up there with the Cruxshadows as an inspiration.  Not only do I love all he produces, but I truly admire his ability to wear so many hats and do so much – and still treat all of his fans with great kindness and respect.



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