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Here are some great links to organizations, marketplaces and conventions that I have found helpful in my writing and editing career.

The oldest and largest national professional organization, the EFA has been a pivotal aide in helping me not only find freelancing jobs, but in information and support offered by their active discussion forum.

Above all, I am a genre writer – science fiction, fantasy and, occasionally, horror.  I’m also a feminist.  Broad Universe is an organization created to help women writers in genre fiction.  It’s a great place for support and networking with other writers, especially women – and some of the founding “mothers” are writers who I’ve adored since childhood!

Freelancer's Union
If you freelance, this is a great resource for information, discounts, promotion, and even insurance plans!  Even better: it's free to join.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America is another excellent resource that includes all the genre awards, a lot of resources for writers on writing and publishing, information on conventions, and one of my favorite resources to hand out: Writer Beware!

One of my mentors, A.C. Crispin, who teaches a workshop at Dragon*Con co-founded this site as part of SFWA in 1965 because there are a lot of fraudulent agents, editors and others looking to take advantage of new and inexperienced writers.
Remember – money should flow TO the writer!

Horror Writers Association is one more great resource for genre writers.

Romance Writers of America.  If you write romance, this is where you need to be.

The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators.  Lots of great references here, too.



Lists the vast majority of genre markets for short fiction that exist.  It’s also free (though welcomes donations). 
What are you waiting for?

C. Hope Clark’s goal is for writers to make more money – something I support completely.  She puts together a great resource for grants, contests, markets and other places that give writers money for free.  For $12, you get the biweekly newsletter which is even better!

If you're looking for an agent, this is the place to be looking.  Information, a fabulous blog,
and even a spreadsheet to keep track of your submissions makes this a great site.

Another great marketplace for genre fiction.



Atlanta, GA. 
A personal favorite of mine – I’ve been attending since 2002.  I also highly recommend A.C. Crispin’s writer’s workshop.
Be warned: it’s one of the biggest media-based genre & pop culture conventions there is!

Burlington, MA. 
A nice little convention that focuses on books and writing. 
It’s also where the prestigious Rhysling Award is given out.

Cambridge, MA
One of the larger conventions in the New England area, Arisia caters to the literary,
the media, and the lifestyle aspects within the speculative fiction community.

Boston, MA. 
This is another small convention that is literary based.

Location varies.
Worldcon is one of the major science conventions of the world (as the name implies.) 
The prestigious Hugos are awarded at this convention.

Location varies.
World Fantasy Con is one of the major fantasy conventions of the world (as the name implies.) 
The prestigious World Fantasy awards are given at this convention.

Location varies.
World Horror Convention is one of the major horror conventions of the world (as the name implies.)
The prestigious Stoker and Grandmaster awards are given at this convention.

Balticon is a fun mid-sized convention.  They get props for being the first convention to include me as a guest, and for letting the Bad-Ass Faerie crew hold their National Bad-Ass Release Parties.

Pi-Con is a small convention in West Springfield with a big payoff.  I had a blast being part of this convention because there was just so much thought put into the programming and the panels.  An easy, affordable good time!



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