bu400As many might know, I’m the current president of Broad Universe, an international non-profit dedicated to promoting, celebrating, and honoring women who produce (write, make art, etc.) science fiction, fantasy, horror, and everything in between!

I love Broad Universe – obviously. Seriously, I would not be where I am as a writer and editor were it not for the connections I’ve made in the organization.

One of the things that I’ve had the joy of seeing in my time on the Motherboard is the growth of the organization, particularly of chapters.  Granted, the fastest growing chapter is the one local to me – the New England (or really, Northeast since we include some New Yorkers) chapter.

So, let me use this blog post to share some of the awesome things that are going around in my area thanks to the New England Broads!

Here’s our website, done by the wonderful Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert:


And here’s an ongoing game for anyone in the New England Area put together by the fabulous Terri Bruce!

It’s a scavenger hunt to find the various Broads in the area at the different venues we’ll be speaking, signing, teaching, hanging out, and whatnot.  Here’s the link:


So: This blog post is to boost the signal of Broads! Check us out… maybe join our forces and quest for World Domination!