The Kelpie - 3…well, soon-ish anyway…

As is life, there is a mixed basket of news on this.

First, the pre-orders for the book have been great!  I’m so thrilled… and thank you to everyone who has already ordered a copy!! Seriously, pre-orders are a HUGE help to authors. It makes us stand out to vendors and suppliers…so if you still plan on getting a copy, please feel free to order it from whoever your favorite vendor is.

Less fortunately, we had to change printers to meet the demands for THE KELPIE, so the official release date had to be pushed back until December 17. Which, considering I’ve long had the release party set for December 7th and other events happening before the 17th, it could have been a disaster.

But because Kate Kaynak and SHP are awesome, I’m getting a very limited early run that I’m able to use for the release party, all local events pre-December 17, and to supply the local vendors who I promised stuff to for the original release.  Also, for those of you who were absolutely depending on the book pre-December 17, let me know and I’ll do my best to set aside one of these limited print run books for you.

Most importantly, though, THANK YOU again, to everyone who has been supporting me through getting my very first novel out there and around!