Ever have one of those moments of beauty during mundane life that takes your breath away?

I don’t head to the Natick Mall often, and it usually exhausts me to do so, but I was coming back to the car during this sunset and I stopped to stare… and barely remembered to snap a picture.  I took two. The other is clearer, but I prefer the colors on this one… and the effect of the blur fits into the poem.

Better titles may be forthcoming, but right now they are “Neon Sunset at the Natick Mall” for the photo and “Brilliance” for the poem.  Enjoy!

The poem, like all of what I’m posting, is in its rough draft form, too. My aim for the month is composition; I’ll edit later. Please do not copy or share the photos or poems I’m posting. I am not finished, and sharing them can hurt my future plans for these pieces. Thank you!