I’m currently at the hotel after a great dinner with some of the folks from the New England Speculative Writers this evening. I’m looking forward to the NESW Conference tomorrow and also being a semi-responsible adult, along with my friend Scott Goudsward, and doing work before hitting the hotel bar with the other writers.

Today’s poem and picture are based on my own wildcraft and witchiness. The photo is herbs I’ve grown in my gardens, gathered and bound, and placed on my hearth, where I do most of my spellcraft. So, of course, I made this poem a bit of a spell! Both are tentative titles just based on description: “Herbs on the Hearth” for the photo and “Witch’s Hearth Herbs” for the poem.


Both are rough and raw; I’ll edit and fix them up later. My April challenge is about the creation, not the finessing. Please do not copy or share the photos or poems I’m posting. I am not finished, and sharing them can hurt my future plans for these pieces. Thank you!