Sometimes you want to help people you can’t help; sometimes you want to fix situations you can’t fix.  That’s what inspired this poem… “Heroes and Monsters.” I had a hard time working a picture to fit it, but I finally settled on one of my Scotland photos, which I called “Lost Lamb.”  While Scott and I were hiking to some really cool castle ruins, we saw this lamb bleating from a cliff and it’s mom (we figured) bleating back; both looked stuck. They were well out of our abilities to help, but we took a picture of them. By the time we got back from the castle, we saw both (we think) back on the grass with the rest, so that story had a happier ending than the poem… but not every story has a happy ending; not everyone can be–or wants to be–saved or helped.

The poem, like all of what I’m posting, is in its rough draft form, though the picture has been tweaked some. My aim for the month is composition; I’ll edit later. Please do not copy or share the photos or poems I’m posting. I am not finished, and sharing them can hurt my future plans for these pieces. Thank you!