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Where I’ve been, What I’ve Been Through, and More Surgery

So, yeah, it’s “been a minute” (to borrow a Southern phrase I learned in said “minute”) since my last blog post. Sorry. But this one is the whole explanation why!

Back in 2017, I shared this post about surgery I had to have because of a big ole fibroid making my life super, extra, mega miserable. That’ll give you a few more background details.

Where to start…

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Foodie Friday: My Keurig!

ImageAs I mentioned around Christmas, one of Scott’s surprises for me was a Keurig coffeemaker.  It took me a little over a month to clean off a spot for it, and then actually take some time to set it up (which, actually, took less than 10 minutes, including cleaning and all).


So, in good geek spirit, I started playing with immediately.  I ran a few of the pods that it came with for me and my mother-in-law for lunch, and then I started playing with what I was most looking forward too, which is the little individual cup you can fill with your own stuff.


I started with an Irish Breakfast tea.  It’s an easy gauge for tea, simple, black, I know what it should taste like.  My theory, though, was that it would be too weak because A) black tea needs boiling water, and B) a 4-5 minute steep.  The Keurig heats the water to the optimal coffee temperature, which is between 170-180, and it’s a fast brew, also optimal for coffee.  Regardless, I tried.  My theory was correct, and the black tea was too weak. 


Next, though, I tried green tea, which I know has a lower brewing temperature and, ideally, should only steep for a couple of minutes or it gets bitter.  I measured out some jasmine green tea leaves into the little filter and, et voila! – PERFECT green tea.  It had a great bouquet of the jasmine, still plenty of green tea flavor (and I’m sure all the nutrients), and not a hint of bitterness.  Success!!


I have not tried white tea, but I’m guessing I’ll have similar issues because, though it has a low temperature requirement, it also has a very long steep requirement.  Herbal teas will probably depend on the herbs, as some need hotter temperatures and/or longer steep periods. Something simple, like chamomile, ought to be fine, but the medicinal herbs will need me to continue using my other methods.


Still, I’m SO thrilled with the quality of the coffee that the perfect green tea is a bonus!


Yay, Keurig!