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The Great Recovery of 2012

It seems more of this year has been recovering:


Recover from Scott’s trip

Recover from Arisia

Recover from Boskone

Recover from arrival of new roommate


Oh, yes, an old friend has moved in with me.  🙂  I’m very happy about it, but there is a lot of work involved because my house really is quite a mess.


I’m back in that pattern of reaction as opposed to pro-action…


Or not… it was my invitation that brought Katie here, and part of that plan was some serious house fixin’ work.  To make Scott’s old room livable, I knew there would be a lot of work.  It was pro-active.


But now, I have to react to fit the rest of my life around this.


As it is, I’m going to have to work around much more travel than I planned: two extra international trips to visit Scott.


“Work around” sounds so negative… it’s AMAZING to get this chance to travel with my Husband-of-Awesome.  It’s an opportunity I can’t miss.  But, I do still have responsibilities and deadlines (many of those new, too) that must be balanced around the opportunity.


My blog has not been as regular as I’d like, though.  I’m back to making it a work in progress.


I’ll aim for Monday and Thursday updates for now.  That’s about all I can promise.  There are too many Fridays that I am traveling and Thursday nights I’m prepping. 


I’ll do my best to keep things updated… like, ahem, my website… for which I’ll send my webmistress edits tomorrow night.  (And I’ll see if I can sneak in a person-to-person visit amidst my errands tomorrow.)


In any case, it’s another reinventing of my work, my job “title,” and, in essence, my life.


And I’m happy to share it for all its lessons.