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Happy 2015 – Part 1 – Looking Back

Best RidePerhaps I’m a wee bit late on this, but it is the first WORKWEEK of 2015, and honestly, one of my resolutions is to make sure I get enough rest.

After all, a lack of rest and overdoing it was my biggest fall in 2014. We learn from our mistakes.

So, here’s a quick review of 2014 with my plans for 2015.





Those are three biggies. There are more!

“Steadfast in the Face of Zombies” finally came out in Once Upon an Apocalypse

“Oprah Funds the End of The World” was sold and came out in Demonic Visions 5

Speaking, paneling, signing, tabling at:




Book Expo America / Bookcon



Rock & Shock

Bookstore, Library & other appearances:

Enigma Books, Astoria, NY

Books & Boos, CT

Generations Gifts and Herbal Apothecary, Oxford, MA

Nashua Public Library, NH

Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, MA

Booklover’s Gourmet, Webster, MA

Bigelow Free Public Library, Clinton, MA

Jacob Edwards Library, Southbridge, MA

Sturbridge Coffee Roasters / Girl Power!, Southbridge, MA

I also edited a whole bunch of books in 2014—mine and other people’s.

And Calico and I had a good year together, with a good amount of riding, especially this summer. (See the blog pic!)

I also celebrated a lot of wonderful weddings for family and friends—and I was honored to be the matron of honor for two very good friends at their beautiful ceremony!

There was also a lot of difficulty in 2014, though.

I’d thought my 2013 autumn had been difficult with death and illness. This 2014, it ended up being even worse. I won’t list all those who I lost or who I was worrying over, but there were a lot. I fell behind on a lot of deadlines for myself and for other people, and I had to drop some of my projects. And then I got sick, myself, pretty badly. I ended up with a serious kidney infection on top of some larger issues that came to a head right at the same time. I’ve still got a bit of a journey to go through with tests and such, and there are some life decisions I need to make, but I have information—and that is the best tool and best weapon anyone can ask for!

There were other big changes and upheavals during the year, too, but I’d rather not focus on those for this post. Some things over which I have no power.

I only have power over my own choices, my own decisions.

So, what I need to work on after looking back on 2014:

I need to take care of my own writing career. I need to do the promo, I need to blog, and most of all, I need to do my own writing and editing.

I need to make and meet some hard deadlines in January for leftover 2014 work. I know what these are; I need to just do them.

After January, I need to make a better schedule for the year.

I will do these things.

I shall do these things.

I’m starting fresh again, my New Year’s blog. I have a fire ceremony to do tomorrow as the moon STARTS to wane; there are a lot of things I need to be rid of.

Tonight, I simply light a candle, post a blog, and get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Back in the Saddle… yet again

02102013 - Horse Show pic 2A long time ago (like, the beginning of January), in a galaxy far, far away (my kitchen table as opposed to my desk), I put together a handwritten business plan and a list of goals for 2013.

One of those goals was to write up those goals and post them as a blog on a particular date in January…

Ha! Hahaha! LOL!  I just kill me!

Another of those goals?  A weekly blog schedule!

Hahahahahahah!! ROTFLMAO!!  Totally dying of laughter, here!

But, as I’ve said in prior blog posts… (and couldn’t find to link after 15 minutes, so I gave up… but believe me, they’re there!) … one of the most important life lessons I’ve learned from riding is that you do, in fact, get do-overs.  So long as you don’t give up and get back in that saddle!

And I say this having suffered cracked ribs, disjointed vertebrae, bites, sprained and strained ankles and knees… months or weeks or, pre-Calico, even years of doing next to nothing with horses.

Back into the blogging saddle I go, then.  Because I do love blogging… and I have an awful lot of amazing things to share this year!

Now that I’m here, let me hit that other goal of writing up some of my goals here. I know some people say writing and sharing one’s goals is more detrimental than helpful, but honestly, I’ve not seen such in my life.

Goals:  Better late than never, right?


Meet all Spencer Hill Press Deadlines

I’m truly in love with my work in both writing and editing for SHP, and I have a lot of people’s dreams of publication and their stories riding on my ability to hold up my end of the contract.  Thus far, I’ve been pretty good.  There are a few things running later than the most preferred deadline, but none that are running far into the extra-security padding that Kate, in her infinite wisdom, has built into the system.

Done in January: 1 novel proofed from galleys, 1 to galleys, 1 to closing edits, 1 through copyedits, my own to 2nd round edits, 2 submission novels read, 3 I gave the ok to offer on (one I read back in December). Also, first round of edits on half the Doorways submissions, and second round of edits on half the remaining half.

Dude… that’s 8 different novels and 15 short pieces that I worked on! Yay!


Novel Goals

The Kelpie comes out this December, and I’m going through edits for this, plus working on the marketing plan.

A Silent Starsong is with Vikki to be submitted to Spencer Hill Press upon her edits.

The Earl’s Childe is the sequel to The Kelpie is one of the novels I’m currently working on and needs to be finished, polished and submitted this year.

A Shooting Star is the sequel to A Silent Starsong and is actually entirely drafted! It just needs polishing.

The Banshee’s Cry will be the third MacArthur book, and needs to get started.

Besides that, there are two other novel-length projects that I’m attending to but are not ready for discussion yet. 😉 Stay tuned!


Other Fiction/Poetry Goals

Write three new short stories.

Submit to at least 5 different short fiction or poetry markets this year.

Write one new novella (done! And by accident, too!)

Write three new poems (one down, two to go!)


Business Goals

Make Goodreads profile and list fiction

Update Amazon profile

Update blog every week

Update website every week

Send website revamp changes ASAP


Horsey Goals

Two major trail rides

Three horse shows

Ride 2x per week on average (very difficult this winter!)

Other Goals

Lose 25 lbs

And that’s what I’ll be up to this year. 🙂  It’s a lot, but more doable than other plans I’ve made for myself.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Happy 2013!

12162012 Christmas, Dalek, Show 036New year, new goals, positive accomplishments… new try at blogging.  🙂

Most everyone in the world is talking about (or has already talked about) their New Year’s Resolutions/Goals, etc.  Not to hop on the bandwagon, but it’s a fun and inspiring topic… so I’m playing with it, too.

I’ve already hit a couple of short-term goals this year already:

  • Submitted a novella for publishing
  • Gotten my email inbox to a manageable level (from over 1000 to under 140)
  • Handwritten my publishing deadlines for 2013 for Spencer Hill Press
  • Handwritten a Personal Goals sheet
  • Printed out my detailed deadline for January Spencer Hill Press projects
  • Accomplished editing deadlines thus far


And we’re just a week into the new year!

When I was going through my deadlines and goals, I went back through my prior years’ blog posts so I could get an idea of what I’d accomplished and what I could accomplish.  I’d forgotten that I never actually got around to publishing my goals on my blog last year… so I had to go back to my January 2011 posts to get an idea of what I’d been doing.

With the path my life has taken since 2011, most of those benchmarks and steps simply are… no longer useful.

When I sat down to make my plan for this year, I needed a whole new template!

And that’s ok.  I’m very happy with where my life is going.

Let’s have my accomplishments for 2012 explain why:

Became a Senior Editor at Spencer Hill Press.

I’ve been blessed in the past decade or so to have jobs and bosses who I have loved. And every move I’ve made has been an improvement… yet I can’t imagine a more healthy and supportive job than working at SHP.

At Spencer Hill Press, I’ve had the pleasure of working on many awesome books – which I will detail as they start coming out. 🙂


Published Short Stories

“Photo of a Mermaid” came out in UnCONventional by Spencer Hill Press

“Fixed” came out in Corrupts Absolutely? from Damnation Books


Sold Fiction

THE KELPIE – my first novel! – comes out this December from Spencer Hill Press

“Finding Fire” comes out in May in the Holiday Magick anthology, Spencer Hill Press

“Steadfast in the Face of Zombies” to Once Upon an Apocalypse Volume 1 – more on that when I get the info. 🙂


Lost Ten Pounds

After three years of gain or plateau – that’s still an accomplishment.


Rode in my First Competitive Horse Show – and GOT RIBBONS!

Mind you, it’s been well over a decade since I practiced any sport competitively.  This was HUGE. 🙂


… And there were a lot more life changes.

I traveled to four different countries I’d never been before. And, between those travels, I was without my husband who I’ve not lived without for over a decade.  In fact, I only lived on my own for three months out of college before we got married… so it was definitely… an experience.  I also got really into my job at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, helping with event coordination.

I left my last W2 job in May… because things with fiction and freelancing were picking up as well as they were.

And I still held my position as president for Broad Universe – though, honestly, between my Veep, Kimberly Long-Ewing and the rest of the Motherboard, it was a massive team effort for which I’m deeply grateful.

So, that’s 2012 for you.  Massive. Change.

From there, I move forward. With a lot of hope and energy for this year. 🙂

Thank you, Universe!

Oh?  What are my actual goals for this year? 😉 Well… that’s another blog post. 😉

Happy New Year!