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National Poetry Month, April 8

It’s only a little past midnight!

And it’s a short poem! (Because deadlines…getting worked on…and piling hard!)

This photo is of the lighthouse (well, wee automated lighthouse) at the end of one of the original breakers of Cape Cod Canal, which is accessible via Scusset Beach. A good friend of mine has a house on the private part that she allows me to rent with a group of writers and artists, and I have so many pictures of the area. I love it very much!

What caught my eye with this particular picture (and there are a lot of this breaker and lighthouse because it is so striking) is the poem. Another one that’s been banging in my head for a while that I’ve finally written down.

The poem, like all of what I’m posting, is in its rough draft form, too. My aim for the month is composition; I’ll edit later. Please do not copy or share the photos or poems I’m posting. I am not finished, and sharing them can hurt my future plans for these pieces. Thank you!