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National Poetry Month, April 9

I managed another short poem! (Seriously, this is an achievement for me!)

This pairing references the beautiful and heartbreaking story of Hachikō, which if you don’t know, is worth looking up. But have plenty of tissues handy.

Scott, Husband-of-Awesome, actually took the photo. I honestly don’t know if it’s from Taiwan or Osaka, Japan… so I hope the pairing isn’t problematic with the Japanese story, though the story has been retold several times in several cultures—one of the most recent and memorable (at least to geeks like me) being the Futurama episode, “Jurassic Bark.”

The poem, like all of what I’m posting, is in its rough draft form, too. My aim for the month is composition; I’ll edit later. Please do not copy or share the photos or poems I’m posting. I am not finished, and sharing them can hurt my future plans for these pieces. Thank you!

Too busy to blog…

Yes!  It’s a New Year!

 Yes!  I’m doing a New Year’s Plan set of posts.

 Just not today.




Because Scott’s getting on a plane to the other side of the globe in less than 9 hours.


And that’s what he and our living room look like right now.


Though – one New Year’s Resolution will be my return to 3 blogs a week, so there will be one Wednesday sometime.  Where I’ll share my New Year’s Planning.